My latest obsession

I want to talk to you about my latest obsession…MY NEW APARTMENT!

When I decided I was going to stay in the DC area, I spent hours and hours trolling the web looking at apartments. If I never have to open another Craigslist ad in my life, I will be a happy camper. I checked out a variety of places, from teeny-tiny apartments in the basement of people’s homes to lovely DC townhouses to “we probably shouldn’t even get out of the car here” places. After looking at countless places online, and visiting a few in person, I decided on an apartment in the Silver Spring area. And it was, of course, one of the first apartments I looked at. Just the way that seems to go.

While I loved my place at 2 Frat Row, I am SERIOUSLY in love with my new apartment. Not only does it just look like a real person apartment–it has ACTUAL CARPET as opposed to that dorm room carpet that never shows any stains–but it is also in a great location, has amazing closet space, and has A KITCHEN. That was the biggest thing I was looking for in an apartment, and I am so delighted to finally have a kitchen to cook real people meals in that I am probably eating more than I should. Parm-mayo-covered salmon? Check. Blue cheese salads? Oh yea. RITZ-PARM COVERED CHICKEN!? (There’s a cheese theme going on here.) So delicious. Seriously.  I might need to rein it in a little….

Living on Maryland’s campus was great, because the campus is great, but living around so many other adults–and not thousands of college kids–is already making me feel like more of an adult myself, which is what I have needed. Even though some of the expenses that come along with being a real adult are not super great, I’m excited about it anyway because it marks a huge step forward in my life. Plus, for the first time in my life, I am NOT a student, which is helping with the whole “I’M A FREAKIN ADULT” euphoria I’ve been experiencing.

My dad phrased it better. There are three stages in life: growing up/education/discovering yourself; working life, adulthood, marriage, kids; retirement, sailing around the world, moving to Florida (or whatever it is people do when they retire). I am now finally moving out of stage 1 to stage 2. I don’t feel an obvious change yet, other than the AMAZING NEW APARTMENT. But I’m sure the realization will hit me, just like it hit me when I finally accepted I was moving out of Missouri to Maryland. I just hope this time isn’t accompanied by a crying session on the side of the Interstate.

Speaking of Missouri, I am so honored to appear in the latest issue of Big Muddy, a journal produced by the University Press at Southeast Missouri State University. So happy my story “The Facebook Babies” finally has a home!


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