The Pillow Quest

The Pillow Quest

I’ve been on a very particular quest lately: the quest to find the perfect pillows.

 I’ve had these yellow bird pillows (see photo below) for about a year and, while I do like them, I’ve lately become obsessed with decorating my couch with mismatched pillows, all with different patterns and colors. I know you know what I am talking about because this has probably been the “thing” for the past few years but, in my typical fashion, I’m only catching on to it now. It’s just like my late discovery of bubble necklaces last year—my problem is I see these things for months and months and think, “that looks nice. I want that.” And then after a while it finally dawns on me that I can have that, I just have to make it happen.

In case you aren’t familiar with the mismatched pillow look, check out my “for the home” board on Pinterest to see what I mean.

When my friend Ashley was here last week, we traveled to Pier One and HomeGoods in search of pillows, but with no luck. I’ve scoured home websites and browsed through the pillow sections of any store that has one, but I haven’t found any yet that call out to me. I’m waiting for the pillow that screams “I BELONG IN YOUR APARTMENT! BUY ME!”

And then I remembered Etsy existed.

I spent an hour or so the other day just clicking through pillow after pillow after pillow, tagging many that I liked. The advantage to Etsy is that many of the pillows are uniquely designed and won’t have many duplicates. The disadvantage is that I don’t want to spend $40 on one pillow. I may spend a stupid amount of money on a handbag, but when it comes to pillows and shoes, forget about it.

I know the shoe thing isn’t the same as pillows, but they’re both things I have a hard time spending an outrageous amount of money on. Pillows=they add color and comfort but can be easily replaced. Shoes=wear easily + usually uncomfortable and I just need some that I can walk in, okay!?!? Handbags=they hold all my precious belongings and, if used right, last for YEARS!

 That being said, I’m looking for cute pillows that will work off the already existing colors in my living area.

My living room area, where I am determined to keep my coffee table looking like this and not covered by student papers and other general messes.

My living room area, where I am determined to keep my coffee table looking like this and not covered by student papers and other general messes.

Some of paintings above my bed are pretty bright, and I want pillows that accentuate those colors. I also really want a gold pillow, maybe this one? It would combine my love of elephants and having a place to rest my head while I “grade papers” in the afternoon.

 If anyone has any tips or suggestions of places to look while I continue on my pillow quest, please let me know. The ones above are designs I like, but not necessarily the colors I want. Or the price I want. Definitely not the price. I like geometric patterns, scalloped pillows, and bright colors.

 One thing that could potentially affect my choice is the fact that I am FINALLY FINISHING MY QUILT that I started over a year ago. My friend Anna is an amazing quilter + person in general, and helped me start this beauty last January. Many, many, many months later, I’ve finally finishing it and already have a space reserved for it on my couch.

 Other goings on as of late:

  1. My mom has been here, which has been AMAZING! I wish she could stay all the time, and not just because she helps me organize and clean and generally tell me where to put things and help me be a better person overall. I just like having her here because it’s fun!
    Plus, she cooks too, which is a bonus.
  2. I’m currently engaged in an undeclared battle with the teacher who uses a classroom right before me. She NEVER erases the chalkboard, but always says TO MY FACE “sorry about the chalkboard” as she is leaving class and I am coming in. Um, if you were really sorry, you would erase the damn thing! It takes 2 seconds!
  3. Grading is a thing that happens and I sometimes have to remind myself how to read after staring at the computer for too long.
  4. Sneaky Rahul sneakily asked me last night on the phone, “what scarf was it that you liked in Paris?” I had picked up a scarf in Zara and REALLY wanted to buy it, but didn’t because who knows why. I found it online, plus this checked scarf that looks pretty darn close to one I (and every one else) lusted over last year. I sent both links to him. Later in our conversation, he said “oh shoot!” I said yes? He told me to check my email, where I found the invoice for the two scarves that he had ordered for me, LIKE THE WONDERFUL PERSON THAT HE IS, and accidentally emailed to me instead of him.
  5. My mom being here means we have explored more of my new city, which has been fun. We walked to the Farmer’s Market that is literally five minutes from my apartment, which is fantastic, and ate at this fantastic wine cellar/restaurant, Adega Wine Cellars & Cafe, also five minutes from my apartment on Saturday night. If you’re in the area, check out the Sat/Sun night special–$40 for an appetizer, two entrees, and a bottle of wine! We recommend the eggplant fries and getting the most expensive bottle of wine you can (up to $17.99 to still get the deal) to get the most bang for your buck!

Country home decor
$51 –

Striped throw pillow
$40 –

Pink throw pillow

Surya throw pillow


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