Ok, I only have about 15 minutes to write this because I actually have no time to write this but I want to, dammit!

My days have not been any busier than usual, I just occasionally suffer from a few laziness diseases. The most popular one as of late is “my eyes have forgotten how to transmit information to my brain” and I end up staring at an essay for way longer than necessary because I’m thinking, “wait, what did I just read?”

Of course, I always go back and make sure I understood everything, which is why the process is taking twice as long as usual.

A few exciting things as of late, so I’ll just pop them in list form because lists are easy and it’s early.

1. I’ve made a few changes to my apartment, as seen below. I finally ordered new pillows a few weeks ago from Society6 and they arrived last week. I wasn’t as pleased with the elephant at first, but he is growing on me. The quilt-orange pillow-quilted pillow combo is the best, in my mind.

I also got a new rug, towels, and print for my kitchen…

found a use for the pink elephant throw that hung on my wall in my last apartment…


and found my fiancé, sitting in my apartment, watching Manchester United on TV!


He had a small layover in DC on his way from India to TN, in which we promptly went to see Gone Girl (and during which he promptly fell asleep, jet lag + dark movie theaters = snooze) and ate at Chick-fil-A. Now he is back for the next few months  and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

2. I got really excited last week when I created a “Pin to Real Life” outfit so I, of course, had to document it. I’ve been following a few fashion and lifestyle blogs for a while (my favorites are Sarah’s Real Life, Lemon Stripes, and Lauren Elizabeth) and, while I’m obviously no where near as skilled as these ladies are, I’d like to think I’ve picked up a few tips here and there about assembling an outfit. A big one I’ve picked up is not being afraid to color clash. I always thought black and brown together were a big no-no, but I’ve definitely learned through these ladies (oh! And through The Northeast Girl) that it’s okay to do so. So, I did just that last week, after finding this combo on Pinterest and thinking “I have all those things,” and then asked Rahul to take pictures of me, because why not?

ellen tracy sweater (i like this one too) // Mossimo black dress (similar) // wide camel belt ( // Target camel faux suede boots (similar)// emma fox bag // zara checked soft scarf // layered crystal necklace

Also featured in the photos are my fall favorites: my Zara scarf (which the amazing Rahul ordered for me) and my Ellen Tracy sweater procured via Marshall’s. Seriously can’t get enough of either one. Plus, the scarf can double as a picnic blanket or just regular blanket in an emergency setting.

3. Rahul and I went to see Gone Girl which was, of course, amazing. It was surreal seeing my last place of residence on the big screen, even if they did shoot from specific angles and grew out the grass to make the town look destitute. But Rosamund Pike KILLED IT as Amy.

4. Speaking of residency, I found out last week that, in order to obtain my new car insurance, I have to officially become a Maryland resident. I knew this day might come eventually, but I’m not particularly jumping up and down with excitement. I love living here, and I have become very attached to Maryland, but I was still holding on to my TN license and license plates as a little reminder of home. I’m not attached to Tennessee in the way that other Southerners are, but it’s still my home state and a large part of my identity. I know none of that will change when I become a Marylander, but I know next to nothing about Maryland other than College Park, that the Chesapeake is on one side and mountains on the other, and something about crab cakes and football?  I guess I will take time to learn more about my new state, especially since I have no idea how long I’ll actually be here after Rahul and I get married.

5. And SPEAKING OF MARRIAGE, Rahul and I went to my good friend Liz’s wedding over the weekend, where we did some wedding research. We haven’t plunged yet into full wedding mode, but we’ve been collecting ideas and tips here and there. Liz and Nelson’s wedding, which took place at Gramercy Mansion in MD, was lovely and definitely inspirational. Plus, we were able to reunite with some of my UMD RD friends, who I haven’t seen much since moving off the Row.

Okay, time to grade papers on papers on papers.

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