Quick Fall Capsule Wardrobe

First of all, I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes I’ve made to the blog. It’s a work in progress, but I wanted to update the appearance and userability–that’s a word, right?

Thursdays and Fridays are my favorite days this semester because, usually, THEY ARE FREE. I usually spend the entire afternoon on the couch, watch something relaxing and mindless (last week, “Scandal”, this week, “Gilmore Girls” for the 1000th time), and get next to nothing done, even though I vow “to take advantage of the time and grade soooo many papers!” HA! While that would be nice, one of the greatest gifts that I gave myself this past weekend was not grading for a couple days. I was able to actually enjoy the weekend and still got the grading done on time, anyway. Thursday is technically the weekend, right?

Today, I want to talk CLOTHES! Lately, I’ve seen a lot of blog posts about capsule wardrobes for the Fall. Essentially, you create a Fall line-up complete with essential items, ranging from outerwear to jewelry and everything in between. You wear only those items for the entire season and–this is the kicker–DON’T SHOP during that time. It emphasizes simplicity and creativity in putting together an outfit using many of the same items over and over. Plus, it just gives you an excuse to wear that favorite shirt over and over (and not spend money, okay, sure).

I decided this morning that I wanted to assemble my fall essentials. We all know those items that we wear over and over, and feel slightly  bad for wearing them repeatedly. But the fall capsule wardrobe emphasizes not feeling bad. Now while I’m not sticking to it 100%–I don’t have time to plan out exactly what I’ll wear for the next 3 months, I don’t have anywhere to store the items I won’t wear, and I like the occasional trip to the outlet malls–it was fun to pull out my go-to items.

You can find some of my fall essentials below.


Old Navy tweed vest // Ellen Tracy sweater (similar) // J.Crew blazer

I know the blazer might seem like a weird, or boring, choice, but I got it for $15(!!!!!) at Crossroads Trading in DC, a secondhand shop. I mean, come on! Those bad boys are expensive. Since I teach every day, it has proven to be a smart purchase.


Old Navy patterned sweater (similar) // J.Crew Factory sweater (old color) // J.Crew Factory colorblock sweater 


J.Crew Factory suckered plaid shirt // Old Navy chambray shirt // Old Navy gingham shirt

I also purposefully placed the button down under a sweater I have styled it with in the past few weeks. Sweaters + button downs = a favorite combo.


J.Crew striped sleeve tee (similar)// Loft striped boatneck tee (similar) // Old Navy striped boatneck tee (similar)


J.Crew Factory pleated mini // J.Crew Factory houndstooth skirt // J.Crew Factory pleated mini (similar)

I like their skirts, okay? I have the pleated mini in 5 colors….


Urban Outfitters navy blue dress (similar) // Mossimo black dress with faux leather sleeves (similar)// Gap striped sweater dress (similar)

the rest

American Eagle jeggings (my favorite!) // scarves and jewelry // boots (and cats)

See the end of the post for the information on these last items.

There’s a few things missing, like tights, belts, purses, etc. Also, even though I really wanted to add my favorite leggings, I haven’t been able to wear them as much as I like because the leggings and big sweater look is not exactly appropriate for a teacher…I picked items that I either wear a lot, or layer a lot, in the Fall.

You’ll see one of my most recent outfit creations has its items featured in the pictures. I created this gingham and green outfit the other day and have now decided it’s a perfect Fall outfit. It contains some new favorites, specifically this vest from Old Navy. This vest! I had my eye on this J.Crew Factory vest last winter, but was not as impressed with it when I saw it in person. I like that this vest not only looks textured, but is textured. Plus, it’s damn comfy. And an excuse to wear boots and my latest obsession, crystal & gold jewelry? Yes, please.

As for the rest of my life, I’ve been having a lot of ditz moments lately. I remembered yesterday that my rent was due on the 1st (luckily, there’s a grace period), left my phone on full volume in all my classes, lost some student papers, found some student papers, continued to hone my skill at not being able to leave on time for ANYTHING EVER, etc etc.

On the other hand, I had a GREAT WEEKEND that didn’t consist of endlessly grading papers, as stated above. It was like what weekends are supposed to be. Rahul and I went to a friend’s Housewarming, shared our engagement story some more, went to the outlet malls, passed out Halloween candy, and just enjoyed the weekend like normal people. I also had a delightful hour-long phone conversation with a good friend on Saturday, where we talked weddings, and then saw Gone Girl for the 2nd time on Sunday. Because why not?

I also spent the last week catching up on “Scandal,” which I binged watched last Fall right before it went on winter break. I then had a hard time picking it back up because all the characters are NUTS and I kept talking to the TV like a crazy person about their bad life choices. But, after a few months apart, I decided to pick the show back up and quickly caught up. My thoughts? The show is still crazy, I still talk to the TV (I’m glad Quinn finally figured her shit out, but dammit Fitz! You’re being such an idiot right now), but at least Olivia Pope’s face is less intense than before. She might even be really acting instead of constantly overacting.

On that same note, my mom picked up the show this week and has already made it to season 3. Granted, she is watching it while she paints her house, so she has plenty of time to watch. I am LOVING her texts about the show, especially these: “Olivia is not drinking all that wine. It has to be grape juice or red bull!” and “I can’t believe the Pres acts like this!”

Agreed, Julia. Agreed.

Lastly, I am becoming a Maryland resident within the next few weeks. Short story, I have to get my own car insurance (I’m becoming a real adult every single day), which means I have to register the car in the state I currently live. I have a lot of thoughts about this, which I’ll save for another post. Ooooh, cliffhanger!

Alright, now time to be productive. Which means trying out a new yoga studio near me and placing the papers I need to grade on my coffee table–hey, in sight, in mind, right?

from above

scarves left to right: a friend brought this back from London (aka I don’t know how to find it?) // Zara soft checked scarf // Zara printed scarf

jewelry left to right: J.Crew Factory chain link bracelet // J.Crew Factory chain bracelet // Stella & Dot Amelie Sparkle bracelet // J.Crew Factory layered crystal necklace // J.Crew Factory layered circle necklace // Style & Co gold watch // KD Alex & Ani bangle (gifted) // Target gold stretch bracelet

boots: Mossimo tall zipper boots // boots bought in France (similar) // Guess riding boots


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