Crabcakes and Football?

So it’s official: I’m now a Marylander.

Not just a “oh, I live in Maryland” Marylander. A “look at my MD license” Marylander. I have to say, it’s nowhere near as pretty as my Tennessee license, but I guess that’s not the point of a license, right?

Even though I’ve lived in Maryland for three and a half years, I’ve still claimed Tennessee as my home. It’s where I lived until I was 22, where most of my family is, and where I spend all major holidays. Even though I don’t have a huge desire to live in TN again (there are so many other states to explore!), it’s still a large part of my person and my upbringing. But now, with my shiny, new Maryland license, I have a new state to claim as my own. For the first time since moving to Maryland, I actually feel as if this place is home.

That being said, there are some things I need to learn about Maryland now that I’m an official resident:

  • What’s the deal with crab legs? I mean, I like them, but it seems as if many Marylanders go cuh-razy over them.
  • How did Old Bay spice become a thing? It’s so revered I feel as if it is its own religion.
    But also it’s delicious. I’m a super big fan of these, which are essentially Old Bay chips. 
  • Why are Marylander drivers so crazy? Better question, can I get away with crazy driving now that I’m a Marylander? One thing’s for sure, and that’s I’m EXCITED to not get honked at like I’m an idiot because of my TN tags.
  • What’s the best part of the state? Like in TN, it’s the Smoky Mountains (nature) and Nashville (city), at least in my opinion. So if people ask me where to visit in Maryland, what do I say? I’ve spent most of my time in College Park and Silver Spring, which I KNOW are not the best parts of the state.
    Having an answer to this question will help better understand maps like these:

Regions_of_Maryland_USAI live in the “Capital” region but I’m pretty sure the parts by the Chesapeake Bay are the coolest. And hey, I’ve never lived so close to the ocean before, so that’s pretty cool. Tennessee is a very landlocked state. 

  • State bird, state song, state slogan, state whatever the hell they make you memorize as elementary school kids. I remember learning that every year as a kid for TN, which, of course, I don’t remember now. I DO know, now, that one of Maryland’s nicknames is apparently Little America?
  • Again, I ask: WHY IS THE WEIGHT ON THE LICENSE!? I know I could have just lied, but that’s not the point. What’s the need for someone’s weight????
  • What famous people are from Maryland? For Tennessee, it’s easy: many, many musicians.
  • Crab cakes and football? Is this really what Maryland does?

Even though I’m sad to leave behind my TN license, that doesn’t mean I’m leaving behind TN entirely. Tennessee is still my home state, and will still be the state I mention when asked where I’m from. At the same time, I’m excited to become even more familiar with a new state and location. Plus, it was one of the original colonies, so it can’t  be that bad here, right? History and stuff?


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