A (Long Overdue) Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving break is one of those tricky holidays that gives the allusion of SO MUCH FREE TIME, but then it goes by in a blur. It felt like we had just landed in Nashville when we were going back through security to fly back to MD. Where did the time go?

I had grand plans to grade papers and get a head start on the grading and general teacher things that’s about to smack me in the face over the next few weeks. With final grade deadlines fast approaching, I’m tickled with anticipation of some free time, but also have to constantly remind myself to finish the grading.

However, not grading papers, not checking my school emails (hey, it’s called a break for a reason!), and not worrying about my classes for a few days was a nice break. Of course, I felt kind of bad when I met with students bright & early Monday morning to discuss their last assignment for the class, as many of them said “My break was good, but I had the paper to write.” Then I also accidentally kept saying “only two more weeks!” only to be reminded that it’s 2 more weeks of classes and teaching, but 3 more weeks of classes & exams for them. OH WELL. LIFE IS HARD, KIDS.

But back to Thanksgiving festivities! On Thanksgiving day, I saw many family members, Rahul and I shared our engagement story and photos, and we participated in the 5th installment of the Kipp History Family Play.

On Friday, Rahul and I looked at WEDDING VENUES, added to the wedding notebook of ideas we’ve started (we’re using the Sugar Paper planner & notebook from Target, as it has space to write notes in a monthly calendar but also regular notes), and had some focused wedding discussion.

The result? WE HAVE A DATE AND A VENUE! Now we are just counting down the calendar to November of next year. We’re getting married in our hometown, and I am fully immersing myself in researching all things wedding. You can follow my Wedding Ideas Pinterest board to see what strikes my fancy.

On Saturday, Rahul’s parents hosted an engagement party for us. The party was a fun celebration of us, our families, and our impending intertwining as one. There was great conversation, delicious food, many, many engagement gifts (ranging from a lehenga to multiple wedding magazines to clothes and jewelry) and just fun and laughter all around. I was welcomed into Rahul’s family (see pictures below), made some fun slow-motion videos with Rahul and my sister, Molly, and talked wedding, my most recent favorite topic.


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