How I’ve Been Wearing My Fall Essentials

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to create a quick Fall Capsule Wardrobe and posted my selections on the blog. While I love creating new outfits, I’m not quite as dedicated as the serious bloggers to limit myself to only a certain amount of clothing options for the entirety of Fall, so the capsule wardrobe really just highlights my favorite items, aka the items that I pop up regularly in my outfit choices. After I posted the blog, I took pictures for a few weeks to share what I was wearing and how I was combining my favorites.

From these photos, it’s VERY obvious how much I love layering. This is a recent obsession of mine (recent as in the past year), so any advice on how to up my layering game would be much appreciated. A few of the outfits include the outerwear component, as you can see. All outfits are in order, but stop right around Thanksgiving because many of the outfits here traveled home with me for Thanksgiving…that’s right, I’m a repeat outfit offender! I love finding favorite combinations and relying on them when I’m too lazy to think of anything more creative. The gray sweater/plaid shirt combo was my Thanksgiving outfit.

I’ve marked the outfits that contain a fall essential item (except for the jewelry, because each outfit has the jewelry), which are most of the outfits.  However, I’m in the midst of grading, so did not take the time to look up links for the items–do you know how long that takes? My brain can’t handle it. If you are curious about any of the items’ origins, please leave a comment and I’ll let you know!

Okay, back to the grindstone. That’s the phrase, right? At least I have “Gilmore Girls,” wedding ideas, and Christmas gift buying to keep me entertained during grading breaks.


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