my head is fuzzy and there are kleenexes everywhere

The title of this post perfectly captures the state of my current self, apartment, car, and everything in between.

At some point last week, Katherine caught something sicky. Then at some point last week, this sicky thing progressed slowly to what was most likely a cold. Katherine self-medicated, watched hours of “Friends,” and basically did nothing in an effort to recover. She finally broke down last Thursday and went to the urgent care, where the doctor very annoyingly only prescribed sudafed and Robitussin, because the next morning she woke up with an even worse pain: A SINUS INFECTION.

This sinus infection has many side effects, which include: general tiredness, attachment to comfy surfaces, inability to sleep from coughing, Netflix binging, speaking in the 3rd person about oneself, general complaining and whiny noises, and just downright discomfort.

I’ve had what I thought were sinus infections before, but I was wrong. This pain is TERRIBLE and if I have ever experienced it before, I definitely blocked it from my memory because it was not a pain I wanted to hold on to. Luckily, I visited a much better doctor this past Saturday who gave me the medicine I need, but my head still feels like it’s been taken hostage. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t feel my teeth, I can’t organize the syllabus for my upcoming classes without forgetting everything I’ve ever known about teaching composition (because it all gets lost in the fuzzy brain), and there are literally kleenexes everywhere. Not symbolically. Literally. It’s like that scene in You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan has kleenexes all over her apartment, except without the Tom Hanks part.

Writing this post has been a nice distraction from the fact that I can’t focus on preparing my class syllabi without the head fuzziness kicking in. It’s a good thing the sickness is happening now, otherwise my poor students would have to suffer through confused ramblings. However, if I could be as funny as Leslie Knope when she’s sick and talking, I would be okay with that.



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