February Resolutions

It’s almost February! Which means a month has passed since most new year resolutions were made, but who cares. Any time of the year can be resolution time!

That being said, I’ve been taking stock of my life lately and there’s a few things I’ve noticed:

  • I still can’t leave on time to get anywhere.
  • It takes me a lot longer to do simple things then I would like, which results in frustration.
  • How does one organize his or her life!?!?!

So let me back up. School just started this week, which is great because it helps me organize my schedule. There are places I have to be at  certain times and things I have to do, otherwise the students learn no good English. I like the teacher schedule, because it’s firm while also giving you a lot of freedom during the rest of the day. This freedom, while positive because it allows time for things like grading and lesson planning, can also be a tricky bastard. For instance: “Oh, I have a free afternoon? Time to catch up on all my TV shows!” “Oh, I have an ENTIRE DAY free? Time to do all those useless things that don’t matter, like online shop, look at Pinterest, and play the smash game on my phone!”

I say all of this because I’ve realized, lately, that while I have strong organizational skills in planning a schedule, grading a paper (usually), and following a syllabus, I suck at organizing the rest of my life. With such a free schedule, I don’t feel the push many full-time employees do to enjoy their favorite things when they can: like reading a good book, going for a run, doing a yoga class, looking up cute cats on the internet, writing the next great American novel, etc etc. I have many more free hours during the day, which gives the allusion of FREE TIME. However, a lot of that free time is consumed by grading and, because of that, I’ve been relying on the excuse “I don’t have time for this” for far too long.

Last semester, I hardly read any books, I didn’t write (for myself) at all, and I stopped running. The only thing I did with any regularity was a weekly yoga class. Other than that, I relied on my “I don’t have time” excuse to not do the things I enjoyed when, really, I DO have time. It’s just finding out how to organize it.

All that being said, my goal this semester is to make time for those little things that I enjoy, and that make me happy, while also getting my work done. I started reading for pleasure at least 30 minutes every morning (I’m reading The Secret History and, holy shit, is that book good). I’m challenging myself to do 30 days of yoga. Next week, I start training for the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler. I’m also pushing myself to organize my time better, so that instead of thinking of the million things I need to do (ranging from grading a paper to responding to a friend’s email) and getting overwhelmed because I want to do them all at once, I categorize by importance and immediacy and move from there. I’m hoping this will make my time feel more productive and valuable, and not like a huge mess where I’m doing a lot of stuff without really feeling accomplished.

The last thing on my list, though, is that darn “being on time” thing. I’ve been on time, but it just means me practically running to class. Plus, it’s not like I’m not ready, or get up on time: I just doddle and can’t stick to a schedule. How do you guys do it!? I NEED YOUR HELP!
Side note: I’m glad that I will only have ONE dress option on my wedding day, as the clothing choice tends to be a big part of the problem, even when I picked out my outfit the night before…


2 thoughts on “February Resolutions

  1. Kat-Although I’m not any better at getting to places on time, I do have one suggestion for you: stick to the outfit that you picked out the night before. Although all your instincts might tell you otherwise, when dressing for work, unless you’re wearing plaids with stripes, Tennessee Vols neon orange, a dress that looks like the MD Terps football team flag uniform or that micro-mini skirt that should never see the light of day, no one else really pays much attention to what you’ve got on! So, stick to your original choice and get on out the door!!

  2. I don’t have many words of advice on organizing. I am typically left to getting everything done on Saturday and Sunday. It seems like every night of the work week is already scheduled :(

    A couple of non-related thoughts:

    1. I’m jealous of your afternoon binge TV watching.
    2. Also, I wish I could run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler with you? Know anyone with an entry they want to give up? (I haven’t run more than 3 miles at once since Thanksgiving…minor details)
    3. Looking forward to reading that next great American novel!!

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