What I’ve Learned While Using Crutches

Remember when I thought I had sprained my ankle? Well, after walking on that ankle for two weeks (with a brace and then nothing), I found out I actually fractured my ankle. Great news!

I was given a boot and crutches to use and then immediately broke down in Perkins Restaurant while having breakfast with my parents. I was home for the weekend for a sorority alumni event, and my dad suggested I visit the doctor since my ankle was still quite swollen. After the nice doctor delivered the horrible news, I had flashes of never being able to walk again, of my ankle falling off, and other sorts of dramatic and wild visions. I reeled myself in a little, but was still frustrated/upset/downright pissed off that I hadn’t known it was fractured any sooner. Plus, the horrible news meant there was absolutely no way I’d be able to run the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, which I’ve run the past two years and is also my absolute favorite race. So, I let all of this emotion and general upsetness boil inside me until I started crying in Perkins, because what girl doesn’t occasionally cry in a public place?

Soon after that, my parents and I decided my mom would fly home with me, as she was flying to Maryland the next week anyway to visit me for two weeks. For that first week or so, I was heavily relying on the crutches and couldn’t get around very easily at all. While I’m sure I would have managed, having my mom here has been the BEST THING EVER! Not only because she drives me to work and basically takes care of me like I’m a small child who can’t do anything for herself (it’s hard to get around on those crutches!), but because I love when my mom comes to visit! Even though we can’t enjoy the area as much as we normally would (going on walks, venturing into DC, other walking-related activities), we’ve still had a fabulous time going to see movies (The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the win!), baking delicious French meals, having long conversations, and trying out lots of wine. Oh, and the BIGGEST THING: trying on WEDDING DRESSES! AHHH! Blog post on that coming soon.

I have really enjoyed having her here with me and will be sad when she has to leave. Luckily, we are going back to TN together for Spring Break, so I get to hang out with her (and the rest of my family) for a little while longer.

And now to the title of this blog post…

What I’ve Learned While Using Crutches (and wearing a boot):

  • A lot of people will open the door for you.
  • Many people, strangers included, will say “that looks bad” or “be careful” or “oh no, I hope you feel better soon.”
    To which I want to say “I feel fine.” I’m not sick, my body is working to repair these fractured bones with what I can only assume is magic. But then I remind myself they are just trying to be nice.
  • Your students will ask how you are doing. A few will even open the car door for you, as your mom is waiting at the curb outside of school to pick you up.
    Side note: Moms, especially mine, are the best.
  • Speaking of Moms, she will take care of you and bring you coffee and help you get around and remind you to stop hopping around on your one good foot because you’re going to injure yourself some more (which I’m surprised I haven’t yet). I feel like I can’t say enough about how great it has been to have her here. The time has gone by so fast, which is great for the healing process, but not for the Mom hangout time.
  • They aren’t fun. As a kid, I always thought crutches looked fun. That’s because I didn’t have to actually rely on them to get around. Mark this down under other things I’ve stopped desiring that I once wanted in my childhood, like glasses and curly hair (oh wait, I still kind of want the last one).
  • Many people will stare. Some even point, like this woman at Trader Joe’s yesterday, who then said (loudly), “Something’s wrong with her leg.” THANK YOU FOR STATING THE OBVIOUS.
  • I really, really  can’t wait to get back to my normal mobility. I’ve started doing a Pilates 4-week challenge because I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE and in my mind I’m going to gain 1,000 pounds. I’m telling you what, that creative imagination of mine is going CRAZY right now.

Overall, I have been surprised and thankful at how nice most people have been in helping me get around, even if it’s something as small as opening the door for me. A little help goes a long way.



One thought on “What I’ve Learned While Using Crutches

  1. Oh my goodness, Katherine! I am so sorry to hear about the injury but am glad that you finally got the correct diagnosis. Good you think you have your wonderful mama around to hang out with and help you out! This is a terrible time for such an injury because of all the snow and ice outside but hopefully you are feeling much more mobile by the time nice weather hits!

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