Lena Dunham, Will You Be My Best Friend?

So a while ago, my friend Courtnay told me to watch “Girls.” And then she told me again, and that I would really like it. And then she told me another time (and probably more times than that). In good ol’ Katherine fashion, I waited until last Wednesday to actually start the show.

And what happened next? I finished the show’s first season in five days, of course.

Not that that’s a remarkable feat or anything. There’s only ten 30-minute episodes. What’s more important here is that I have decided that Lena Dunham should be my best friend.

I won’t go into the many reasons for why I admire Lena solely based on the fact that she created, produces, directs, writes, and stars in “Girls” and she’s only 26. 26! So there’s that. Her crazy achievements at such a young age make all the rest of us feel like the characters on the show make each other feel about their varying levels of success, forehead shininess, and relationship status.

What makes the show so delicious to watch is how amazingly she captures 20 somethings. The dialogue is honest, fresh, and engaging. When her character states “I think I’m the voice of my generation,” that statement can really apply to the author/actress/badass herself. Because—as a member of her generation—I can agree with that statement. As I often struggle with what I like to call my “25-year-old-existentialist-crisis,” I understand what it feels like to question what you’re currently doing in life, question your abilities to achieve your life goals and/or the plans you have set out for yourself, and your ability to actually be an adult. Because it’s hard. And Lena captures all of that in the show, as we watch four very different characters struggle with what it means to be in your 20s.

And as a writer myself? It’s a good reminder that once you find that “perfect” story, once you land on what you’ve really been trying to write all along, your path is laid out for you from then on out. That’s what I feel happened for Lena Dunham, and that’s what I hope happens to me. Someday. Soon? If possible?

That’s why I need Lena to be my best friend. So she’ll read my stuff and then we can go skipping through fields of daisies together. Haha, just kidding—but only on the second half of that sentence.

Watch the season 2 trailer here.