What Happens When You Lose Your Blog Password: A Study in Laziness

So there was a time when I was really good about posting on my blog on a regular basis. I made blog writing and posting part of my weekly routine–treating it just like a homework assignment–and was very religious in ensuring I always had something fresh for my readers.

Ha! That time has passed.

Over the past few months, there have been many different reasons for why I’ve found it hard to keep my blog updated. At first, it was adjusting to a new schedule and a new school year. And then it was because I ran out of things to write about and didn’t want to share my dumb life with strangers. (disclaimer: I don’t actually think my life is dumb.) And lately? Well, to be honest, I forgot my password and, after changing my password a handful of times because I kept forgetting it, and kept forgetting where I wrote it down, I just gave up. It would have been easy to change the password again, but I wasn’t feeling it.

To sum up: I’M LAZY.

But as the semester draws to a close, I finally decided to embark on the dreadful task of changing the password and here we all are. It’s springtime outside (and actually feels like it today) and with that comes new possibilities.
I could write inspirational cards, don’t ya think?

Exciting things that have happened in my (dumb-not-so-dumb) life lately:

The finished quilt top. Next step: the actual quilting.

The finished quilt top. Next step: the actual quilting.

1. I’m making a quilt and also going to finish a quilt my grandmother started decades ago and never finished. My amazing and talented friend Anna has been the inspiration behind this. If you are a quilter yourself, please check out her blog!

2. I’m staying for a third year to complete my thesis for my MFA degree. My thesis currently looks like this: ASDMKLASDJLWEJKWJK INSERT AMAZING SMART WONDERFUL BRILLIANT AWARD WINNING WORDS HERE ADJKASLDRJWELRKJQWELRKQW.



3. I saw Rahul over Spring Break! I also got to see my family, pets, best friends, Sonic, favorite sushi and Mexican restaurants.

4. A few friends and I pulled a pretty epic April Fool’s Day by putting googly eyes on EVERYTHING in their office.

5. Kid President is from Tennessee. Not just Tennessee, but like 20-minutes-from-where-I’m-from in Tennessee. Okay, this isn’t MY life, but it still feels pretty important.

6. The Cherry Blossom 10-Miler is in two days. The longest I’ve run in preperation for it? Six miles. Here’s hoping for a miracle….

7. There may or may not be a rat infestation under the PSK house.

And three of the more interesting things I’ve done lately….

The view from the Exec Building. Oh hey, Obama!

The view from the Exec Building. Oh hey, Obama!

8. Got to go INSIDE THE EISENHOWER EXECUTIVE BUILDING. Felt like a legit bad ass and also like Leslie Knope, except Joe Biden wasn’t there.

9. Attended an event about the documentary “No Job for a Woman: The Women Who Fought to Report WWII” at which SOLEDAD O’BRIEN was the panel moderator. And I’ll tell you something: she is SKINNYTINYSKINNY in real life!

Hey there Soledad O'Brien, Michele Midori Fillion, Leisa Meyer, Missy Ryan, Ann Rondeau, and Kristen Rouse. You are all awesome and I will probably never be as awesome as you are. K bye.

Hey there Soledad O’Brien, Michele Midori Fillion, Leisa Meyer, Missy Ryan, Ann Rondeau, and Kristen Rouse. You are all awesome and I will probably never be as awesome as you are. K bye.

10. Attended the 42nd Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities, held every year by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Who was the 42nd lecturer? Just this dude, Martin Scorsese. NO BIG DEAL.

My new BFF. Just kidding. I didn't get close enough to make that connection happen. NEXT TIME.

My new BFF. Just kidding. I didn’t get close enough to make that connection happen. NEXT TIME.

I will try to do better to keep this guy updated as the semester ends. But I can’t make any promises….


My Beef With Lowe’s

Something exciting happened this week. Well, many exciting things happened, but, for this blog, I’m singling out one event.

The affirmation by Donald Glover (not to be confused with Daniel Glover, or Danny Glover, as I did) that Lowe’s is a terrible, terrible place.

Well, actually he rants against Home Depot. But, (essentially) same thing.

Most of my family members and friends are aware of my beef with Lowe’s. In fact, when I’m home, my mom likes to tease me by telling me, when we’re already out, that we’re going to stop by Lowe’s on the way home.

Not funny, Mom.

Truth is, Lowe’s and I go way back. I believe the hatred started after spending several Saturdays there with my Dad as a child. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Saturdays with my dad. These were often our days together, and he would take my sister and I (and sometimes a few friends) to breakfast and then to run errands, or sometimes golf or to the movies.

I honestly couldn’t tell you now other places that we visited on these mornings because Lowe’s sticks out so much in my mind.

In reality, we probably only spent 30 minutes each visit to Lowe’s, and we probably didn’t visit every Saturday, as memory wants me to believe. But for a child, Lowe’s has to be the least fun place in the world. There’s no toys, and the things we tried to make into toys—tools, paint cans, light bulbs—were not exactly safe for children. Sometimes a game of hide and seek would form, but this was always frowned upon, for some unknown reason, by Lowe’s employees.

Now, I can see some of the merits of Lowe’s, specifically the gardening section. Also, my uncle works there now, and I like my uncle, so that’s at least one positive cooreleation. But, usually, I stick to Home Depot, even though I’ve had some less than stellar interactions with the Home Depot employees in Maryland, ranging from them losing a rather large paint order to asking for the box fans and being led to the ceiling fan section.

Maybe if I had a house, or enjoyed stores that offer a limited snack section more, than I might have created a more positive relationship with Lowe’s at this point. Nope. It’s still the store that was un-fun for me as a child. So don’t let the colorful Lowe’s commercials deceive you.

In other news, I saw Snow White and the Huntsman with Mary Beth, got into a minor fender bender where it was the other person’s fault (and also my first car accident other than backing into the Shoney’s pole when I was 16, another story for another time), dragged my butt out of bed twice at 7 am to run and avoid the heat (thanks Rachel), got locked out of my house twice, finished the season 3  finale of Dexter with Rahul (making that three seasons in three weeks), ventured into Baltimore, started reading Philip Roth’s American Pastoral, and went to the Truckeroo Food Festival. Overall, an interesting, fun week.

Taste explosion at Truckeroo in D.C.! Top left, a Korean BBQ taco; bottom left, line of food trucks; top right, snickerdoodle and cappuccino crunch ice cream; middle right, ice cream line; bottom right, goat cheese gouda and caramelized onions grilled cheese. DELICIOUS!

Things That Amuse Me

To add to my post last week, Things I Wonder About, below are a few things that amuse me:

This is what my hair looks like now.
Haha. Just kidding.

My new Nicki Minaj nickname (due to my recent hair cut) is going strong.

People assume I will be awesome at Scramble with Friends just because I’m an “English person.” Tracing words as fast as you can has NOTHING to do with being an English person. It’s like my old TA Advisor, Missy, said: “When you go up to write on a chalkboard, you forget how to spell everything.” Apply the same mindset to Scramble with Friends.

I just received a rejection email from a magazine that started out with “Dear Writer.” I know generic notes are often used for rejections, but really? Writer? I guess part of it is complimentary, since I often don’t consider myself a writer, just a person who likes to write things. But STILL.

When people find out I write, they constantly give me story ideas or tell me “You should write about that.”

It's a t-shirt sorting party!

I went to Chick-fil-A yesterday in the university’s food court (taking a quick break from sorting 3,000+ Greek Week shirts and other Greek life associated things) and said I wanted a chicken sandwich and a Diet Dr. Pepper. One of the employees looked at me and said “A Chick-fil-A sandwich?” I should have said “No, a chicken sandwich from somewhere else with your label on it,” but I don’t think that fast.

I say “Knock on Wood” a lot. When I did the other night, Rahul said, “Wood is probably like, god, stop knocking on me all the time.”

And those are just a few things that amuse me.

Take a look at some photos from my recent trip to Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Things I Wonder About

See, clearly someone else has had the same thought as me, with this nifty collage of the three of them and the movies they've been in together.

I’m going to give you a sample of things I often wonder about:

Do Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, and Jesse Eisenberg ever hang out together? You know, since Emma and Jesse were in Zombieland together and Andrew and Jesse were in The Social Network together and Emma and Andrew are in the upcoming The Amazing Spiderman. Do you think they’re all friends now?

Little sweet Francos.

Did James Franco go to see his younger brother, Dave Franco, in 21 Jump Street? And what does Dave think of his older brother’s attempts to be a master of everything that ever existed?

And that’s a sampling of the things that cross my mind.

In other news, one of the guys met Lauren Conrad on his plane ride back from Uganda. We checked: she just returned from Uganda herself as well. So now we’re working on plans to get Lauren Conrad to visit us here.

Another one of the guys told me my new haircut was the “Nicki Minaj” haircut. I’ll take it…?

15 Reasons Why You Should See “The Hunger Games”

The Hunger Games!

I know what you’re thinking. Yet even more hype about The Hunger Games. If you’re a human and pay attention to any kind of news source or social media, you know this post  apocalyptic-novel has been garnering all kinds of attention, ranging from news articles to Someecards to screaming fans anxiously awaiting the premiere of the movie.

But let me explain.

I was fully immersed in the Harry Potter series, going to midnight book releases, waiting in line to see the new movie, crying a little inside when the series ended with the last movie installment of the seventh book. That was my Twilight, or Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars.

I caught on to The Hunger Games late. To be fair, my friend Kyle bugged me to read them well over a year ago but, since I don’t take lightly to people telling me to do stuff, I didn’t read it until I noticed it was being made into a movie.

Almost the same thing happened with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I refused to read both series, then I saw both previews, was like “HOLY CRAP THAT LOOKS AWESOME,” then read them back to back. The Hunger Games was a way better read, extremely well-written, and played at some very current issues that are frighteningly true to our own society.

So yes, you may say it makes no sense that it took society and a movie preview to get me to read a book. But I am a huge advocate of reading the book before seeing the movie. So just go with it.

Having been disappointed by the first Harry Potter movies and the Twilight movies (yes, I’ve read them, and the Eclipse movie??? What the f happened there), I was a little nervous to see what would come of The Hunger Games movie, especially when many previews are way better than their movie equivalants. Nevertheless, I was anxious for March 23 to arrive, secured a viewing group in a few of my MFA friends, and arrived at the theater and hour and a half early to get seats.

And the rest is history.

15 Reasons Why You Should See The Hunger Games:

Yet again.

1. The opportunity to include “May the odds be forever in your favor” in everyday conversation for the next few months.

2. The $78 million dollar budget. Take that, John Carter (made for a staggering $250 million).

3. The hype that is not obnoxious and overwhelming. I worked at a bookstore when the fourth Twilight book came out. Girls were literally stroking the boxes that contained the books at the midnight release and fought over them later to take home. A blood bath nearly happened over who got to take home the bookstore’s release poster. So far, I haven’t heard of any near-deaths in relation to Suzanne Collin’s series.

4. Speaking of which, Suzanne Collins, the seemingly anti-hype author who uses more than just a love story to sell her books (cough Stephanie Meyers cough). In fact, I would dare say people pick up the books not for the love story, but for the other themes, such as war’s perils, a cultural obsession with reality TV, and the humanizing elements found in a society where people are essentially ritually killed every year for the entertainment of others. All of these themes are portrayed well in the movie, and the romance (thankfully enough) is not too cold or too hot—it’s just right.

5. The post-apocalyptic society.  Holy shit, I love me some post-apocalyptic literature/film. It fascinates me. That was another major reason I decided to finally give into the series. The movie does not directly speak of how this is a society built after the fall of America, but just by watching it, you can tell it’s set in a different society than our own.

6. The depiction of life in the district is absolutely excellent. Compared to life in the Capitol, which is a little overdone (probably the point), you feel the despair, lack of hope, and struggle to survive that the people of District 12 feel, especially in the scenes leading up to the preparation for the Reaping. The color is lacking, the faces are sad and drawn, and no one cheers when the Tributes are announced.

7. The book portrays some very real emotions and struggles, and the movie picks up on these as well. If you don’t cry in the scene where Katniss volunteers for Primrose, then you are not human. Even the struggle between Katniss and her mother is given some screen time. Furthermore, Most of these kids are not killers, but forced to be to avoid their own death. As Jennifer Lawrence says here, it’s not fair, but it’s what the Man orders. The emotions are true in the book—the struggle to survive instead of the affirmation of being a badass—and even those characters who are so menacingly laughing in the beginning of the Games in the movie show their true colors (fear) when their own time comes.

8. The not overly violent scenes in the arena. While reading, it’s easy to imagine the deaths as gruesome as you would like. The movie does a good job of portraying the brutality of the Games, while also angling the camera in such a way that blood is not splattered all over the screen.

9. Cato’s humanizing moment toward the end of the movie. If you read the book, than you know what I’m talking about. You almost start to feel bad for this little murderer.

The cast when they are not ruthlessly seeking each other out in the arena.

10. Loyalty, hope, and romance (yep, I said it) trumping cruelty, wealth, and depair. Not only the trumping factor, but these themes carrying over from the book to the movie.

11. The “behind the scenes” moments in the movie. The book is written in first person but, unlike the Twilight series, the movie moves outside of Katniss’s head and gives a fuller picture of Panem. We get to see those who control the games (instead of Katniss wondering where the burning, catapulting fire came from, we actually get to see where it came from), conversations between President Snow and Seneca about controlling the games, and even the reaction of District 11 after a certain moment in the book/movie that I can’t give away because it will be a MAJOR spoiler. But, the last moment plays nicely on the unfairness of the games and the perils of being controlled by a wealthy conglomerate.

12. The camera work. At times, you actually feel like you are watching a reality TV show, in a sickening, true-to-the-book way.

13. Getting to see Gale’s reactions to Katniss and Peeta’s romance, however true or fake it is. I literally said out loud, “I always wondered how he was reacting” when they showed his face after their first kiss.

14. The cast. Who knew Josh Hutcherson was so good? Jennifer Lawrence is, of course, amazing, and Stanley Tucci—two thumbs up. You have to see it to believe it. Even Lenny Kravitz impressed me.

15. It stays mostly true to book. What more can be said. Oh, except:

Suck it, Twilight. You have new competition.

Things That are True

A few things happened over the last few days that reaffirmed one of the “truths” about my personality: I will cry over the small things.

Let me explain. On Wednesday, I decided to finally truck out to a coffee shop, Tryst, that I’ve been to in the past and remember liking. It’s not one I’ve visited yet because I want to make sure I have enough time to really get work done after making the journey out there.  Well, of course, the one day I decide to do this, TRYST IS CLOSED BECAUSE OF SIDEWALK WORK. Ok, fine. It turned out okay, since I was able to camp out at a Starbucks across the street and get some work done still and not have the trek feel like a total waste. Even if I had to sit at one of the awkward long tables.

But then yesterday, I had a hair appointment in the morning at a salon about 30 minutes from my house. I always end up overestimating how much time I have left to get ready then end up rushing to get somewhere on time. Well, I still managed to arrive just before 10, only to find out 15 minutes later that the stylist I had been assigned actually wasn’t coming in that day. In reality, this wasn’t that big of a deal. The receptionist secured another appointment 2 hours later, and a 20% off discount.

So what do I do when I leave the salon? Start crying, of course.

This has happened before—crying over something small when really it’s a lot of bigger things together that are the reasons for my tears. But I just assumed I was over this part of my life. But no, no, apparently not. I’m the girl that cried like a baby because I had to get my hair appointment rescheduled.

So that got me thinking about this list I’ve been creating for a while.

Things that are True:

Disclaimer: I find these all true for me. Hopefully you find some you agree with too. 

The only reason I occassionally remember facts about Bon Iver, even though they still don't stick. Sorry, babe. And a rare snapshot of me wearing a scarf well (#5).

1. I will cry over the small things.

2. I will never be able to remember how to pronounce Bon Iver or if it’s one person or two.

3. I shouldn’t be allowed to drive in parking lots or on college campuses. I’m an aggressive driver anyway—combine that with a college campus, and you’re just creating a terrible situation.

4. When a teacher says “Let’s talk about the syllabus,” it’s NEVER GOOD. Except, of course, when I was teaching.

5. Actors always look better wearing scarves. How do they do it?

6. The book version will always be better. That being said, I’m going to see The Hunger Games tomorrow. It better be badass.

Not a picture of me driving, but a funny picture all the same (Mom's parking job). That being said, I've only just recently mastered parallel parking (#3).

7. I will always think I’m late (reference paragraphs above). Sometimes this is warranted. But it gets gross when I show up to class sweaty because I was sprinting across campus only to arrive five minutes early and awkwardly run into my professor in the hallway.

8. To add to this, I will always say “Be there in 5 minutes,” because for some reason I think that’s better than saying “Actually, I’ll be there in 18 minutes, sorry you’re waiting.”

9. I can’t help it. I will roll my eyes in class if you make douchey comments or do anything remotely ridiculous to impress the teacher. You’re not a professor yet, so stop acting like one.

10. Speaking in generalities is fun until you somehow stumble into a conversation with a pro on the subject.

11. Coming home just when your favorite movie is starting is the best feeling in the world.

12. Screw letter openers.

13. Who actually reads introductions to books? Puh-lease.

I'm still Katie or Kat to these people (which I don't mind, #14).

14. If you’re name is two syllables or more, you’re getting nicknamed at some point in your life, if not always. Just accept it. I have years of Kat, Katie, Kate, Kathe, Kathy, and variations of my last name to prove it. I like the nicknames for my first name, not so much the last name.

15. Who actually spells calander (ok, fine, calendar) correctly on the first try? THIS GIRL, that’s for sure.

16. When I get something in my head, I have to do it right then. Impulsiveness—sometimes not my best feature.

17. I always confuse the spellings of live and leave. I can’t explain it, but it happens ALL THE TIME.

My pen purse. The only way I can hold on to the pens I like (#19).

18. Even though I eat by myself all the time, I still get sad whenever I see someone else eating by themselves somewhere, especially in a nice restaurant. It gets me too caught up thinking about who he/she is, what brought he/she here, and that just raises a lot of existential questions that are too much to deal with.

19. I used to change my handwriting every month and even now am very particular about the kind of pens I take notes with in class.

20. I will make up my own lyrics to songs if I want to sing along yet don’t have all the words memorized. Most of the time, it sounds like “huuuhhh hmmmm firework come on show you what its worth make it go hmm hooo hmmm….”

21. Internet ads can die, especially when it’s one where you can’t find how to click out it.

The Reese's eggs are for me, the Peeps for the guys. Whoo-hoo, Easter candy (#22)!

22. I ate three Easter Reese’s Eggs before March even started.

23. I miss the time when I used to not be scared by bugs and would play with Granddaddy long legs, or worms, or even raise caterpillars (that’s right, RAISE) just for the hell of it. Those days are long gone.

24. I get really, really awkward on phone calls, especially when my bad hearing kicks in and every other word is “huh? what?”

25. If I don’t have a planner my entire life breaks down.

Oh, what am I watching as I write this? Thanks, USA, for your marathons. But NO THANKS for your two-day NCIS marathon this weekend. Really, two days (#26)!?

26. I find it hard to do anything else during “Law & Order: SVU” marathons and often make compromises myself for TV time and school time that never work out the way they should.

27. Greek yogurt? What?

28. I used to not be able to make it without eating salt & vinegar kettle chips every day. Seriously. I would be making dinner with a handful of them in my mouth.

29. All the TV shows I have watched lately start with the letter H—”Homeland,” “Heroes,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Speaking of “Heroes,” whattttttt! I can’t believe I missed this show when it was on air.

30. I still don’t feel like an adult and this worries me.

Why Everyone Should Love the Oscars

Academy Awards on display at WB Studios, 2005

Last night marked an event way better than the Superbowl or any of those other big events that take place at night: the 84th Academy Awards.

I love the Academy Awards. I love the Golden Globes. I love the movies and the TV shows and the everything else when it comes to Hollywood. Granted, I still haven’t seen a lot of movies that are must-sees (and I’m watching Father of the Bride II on my now working Roku box while writing this, a movie I have seen 1,000 times), but I have a freakish capability when it comes to connecting movie actors to other movie actors and what movies/TV shows they have been in. Really, it’s frightening, and almost obsessive. If I could free up that brain space, I would probably be way smart. But, in a way, I like knowing all that stuff, even it does nothing to help me in my graduate school career.

High school performance of Crimes of the Heart. I was Lenny, played by Diane Keaton (who reminds me of my mom) in the movie version. Oh, and clearly we are not in costume in this picture.

Occasionally I’m overtaken by a spontaneous desperation to be a movie star and wish that I could move to Hollywood or NYC and make it big. Which I could probably do (the moving part, I mean), but I don’t think I have the heart to transition my focus completely from writing to acting and would never make it (yeah, that’s the biggest issue here with this plan). But, my middle and high school life was marked by the plays I was in every year, starting as an Indian in Peter Pan in 6th grade and ending with a 1-act play a friend of mine directed my freshman year in undergrad where I had to (somewhat awkwardly) kiss someone on stage. I don’t blame that kiss or anything for ending my theater life. I just simply grew too busy and by the time I refocused after an insane freshman spring semester, I was moving steadily down the writing path instead of splitting my time between both.

"Ah, Wilderness" my senior year. I had four children. My dad was also in this play with me, but my favorite performances with him were Hello, Dolly and My Fair Lady. It's an interesting experience to help your dad put on eyeliner.

But, that never changed my affinity for Hollywood and everything related to it. And, because of that, I love watching the Oscars and seeing the very best that Hollywood has to offer that year. Sure, sometimes random people get nominated (I was thrilled Melissa McCarthy was nominated, forever Sookie in my mind, but I never would have called that), but for the most part it’s a glittering, fascinating, awe-inspiring show that leaves you with a greater faith in the movie industry than existed before the award ceremony began. Seriously! If you’ve ever watched it, you know how inspiring those speeches about the magic of the movie industry can be—especially when it’s coming from someone who has been in it for a long time, like precious Christopher Plummer talking to his Academy Award as if it was a she. Or even the mini blurbs from well-known actors about their first movie experience, or the experience of performing in a movie.

The costume they tried to make me wear in My Fair Lady. Um, NO.

So that’s why everyone should love the Oscars, no matter what you think about the movie industry or your opinion over the movies nominated, or the actors that win. Even though this year The Help was a big controversy among social groups, I still champion the movie (and the book), not just because one of my old theater directors appears in the movie—she’s the woman reading the book in the grocery store scene—but because I think it’s an inspiring story and was extremely well-acted. You can fight me on that all day long, but I won’t budge.

But, I’m getting sidetracked. Have I not convinced you why you should love the Oscars? Other reasons:

  • Octavia Spencer’s acceptance speech.
  • The star-studded crowd. But Angelina?? Come on, put that leg away.
  • The show’s host. Anne Hathaway and James Franco are not good examples of this, beyond the opening spoof they had put together prior. But Billy Crystal—yep, he will do.
  • Emma Stone = girl crush. Enough said.
  • Reactions to the announcement of winners.
  • Reactions to other things. This calls for a game of “Who’s the Most Bored in the Audience?”
  • Speaking of boredom—Stacy Keibler’s face during the Cirque du Soleil performance. She’s crazy, because that performance was freaking amazing. And a major testament to the magic of movies. Think Annie! Seriously.
  •  The montage of great movies over the year and the montage of the year’s nominated movies.
  • Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech, even though I was totally rooting for Viola Davis to win. And, Jean Dujardin’s acceptance speech, even though I was rooting for George Clooney.
  • Even though the show is pitting actors against each other, everyone seems to put aside their disappointment over not winning for the night and just enjoy that they’re there. Plus, I have to imagine just getting nominated is baller—this is something I would known by now if I had moved to Hollywood and made it big. Plus plus, the Hollywood community is a community like any other, the Academy Awards providing a chance to catch up with old friends/fellow actors. For some reason, this fascinates me—as if actors/actresses are a breed all to their own. Which, some might say, they are.

The "Friends" coffee shop! Not the movies, but close! I have a lot of other pictures from WB Studios (like the Ghostbusters steps!), but they're not as clear.

Finally, the biggest reason I love watching the Oscars: the ballot Rahul and I create beforehand and keep a tally of while watching the show. I’ve beat him two years in a row (NBD) but, really, the best part about it is that he wants to watch it with me in the first place. He makes me laugh during the show, lets me get competitive about who’s winning, and appreciates my star-struckness and obsessive need for Hollywood knowledge. For that, I’ll watch any sports shindig big event hooplah he wants me to.

Oh, and before I forget, I was actually impressed by Justin Bieber in Billy’s opening spoof. Not a lot. But enough. More than I was by Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. Come on ladies. What happened to letting Nicolas Cage present an award??

Just in case you missed the Oscars, find the winners here.

25 Things that Amuse Me about the Entertainment Industry

One of my friends told me my last post was kind of depressing. So in an effort to make January more exciting, I’m listing 25 random things I wonder or think about when it comes to the entertainment sphere—you know, since it’s supposed to be a representation of “reality.” You might find that you’ve pondered some of the same things. You might also find that you definitely have not. Don’t worry. Like Loreali Gilmore, my brain can be a wild jungle sometimes and this is just a sampling of the things that go through my mind daily.

1. I don’t find it believable that NO ONE says goodbye when they talk on the phone on TV shows/movies.

2. Are they really drinking wine/beer/liquor on TV shows/movies, or is it something else? I’ve been watching a lot of “Friends” lately, and they drink a crap load of wine, so this question has been forefront in my concerns as of late.

My sister, mom, and I with a "Law & Order" tunnel in Central Park. I later saw an episode where they legitimately filmed in this very spot.

3. Christopher Meloni, pleeeeaaassseee come back to Law & Order: SVU. PLEASE. You AND your crazy large forehead.

4. Why does everyone use phrases that are never used in real life? If I ever use the phrase “Now if you’ll excuse me” in a conversation, I’ll be shocked.

5. Did anyone else throw their copy of HP6 and then apologize to the book for throwing it when Dumbledore died? Or was that just me….

6. I want a complete list of all the different ways Facebook has been referred to on TV shows/movies without actually having to say Facebook. My favorite: Facespace.

7. Do show pets have owners in real life like actors have real families?

8. Who the HELL 1) came up with the idea of radio talk show hosts on pop/current music radio stations and 2) thought it was a good idea to let them talk in the morning instead of just playing some good ol’ tunes? I haven’t had to drive to work early in the morning in a while, but I guarantee you I can find a truckload of people who agree with me when I say “It’s 6 am. Just give me some freakin’ music, please.”

9. To continue with radio talk show hosts (I HATE THEM), do they listen to the things they say? In the car yesterday, I heard these gems within 30 minutes of each other: “Adele has a big butt,” “Rihanna doesn’t like to wear pants,” and “And no, no depressants were used when writing this song (in reference to “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida). Not even Paxil.” WTF!?!

10. Do they film car crash scenes more than once?

11. I don’t find the amount of cheese sandwiches consumed or coffee drank in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo relevant to the plot.

12. Did Steve Carrell learn to play the guitar for Dan in Real Life or is it a previously acquired skill?

13. I miss The Hills. Sooo much better than Jersey Shore.

14. Pretty soon, Apple will somehow have landed product placement in every single TV show and move in existence. Don’t even get Rahul started on the Apple product placement in Mission Impossible 4. Now I have to see if my dad’s iPad will create a fake wall like the one in the movie did.

15. If Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga had a child, what would it look like?

16. Is it soooo hard to find someone to play Bruce Banner/The Hulk in more than one movie?

17. Is it really necessary to remix Adele’s “Someone Like You?” Can we just not listen to a slow song without an annoying beat in the background?

18. NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE IN MOVIES. If I drove moving my hands so much on the steering wheel like actors do, I WOULD DIE. Recent best example: Taylor Lautner in Abduction.

19. Let’s continue talking about Taylor Lautner. In his last movie, every time he cried it looked like he just had bad allergies (give Rahul credit for this). How long is he going to get by on just being pretty?

20. Pitbull rhymes “Kodak” with “Kodak” in “Give Me Everything.” Yeah, that happened. I still run to the song, though.

21. The movie version of HP1 is painful to watch now. Plus, they took out the best line: “HAVE YOU GONE MAD? ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?” Yeah, I’m still bitter about it, even though the movie came out when I was in 9th grade.

Me "jumping" over the very same spot Ben Gates does in Independence Hall.

22. Why do all radio stations go on commercial at the same time?

23. Why was The Return of the Jedi so much better in my mind than The Empire Strikes Back? So far, no one I’ve talked to about this agrees with me.

24. Yeah, please. I’m not buying it that that’s what so-in-so character’s cell phone screen actually looks like it. I never received a picture message on a flip phone that took up the whole screen.

25. National Treasure is one of the best movies of all time. Period.

I ♥ Sophia Grace

So I just found the Sophia Grace videos on Youtube for the first time and I have to say, I love that little singing girl. Not only is she a badass singer, but she wears a princess costume every time and owns it. She has also revitalized my interest in Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” and I would sooner watch Sophia’s version than Nicki’s video.

What I wanted to write on, though, was Sophia Grace getting to meet Nicki Minaj on “The Ellen Show.” I love when things like this happen on talk shows, and I don’t even watch talk shows. I’m more interested in the stories of people like Sophia Grace than I usually am of celebrities, especially when it’s Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-Oprah’s-couch comparable. I mean give me a break.

That’s why I’m totally in love with the moment when Sophia Grace realizes she’s about to meet Nicki Minaj—so many emotions cross that little girl’s face in less than five seconds and the best thing about them is that they are raw emotions. She’s not afraid to essentially freak out, scream, and jump on Nicki Minaj to give her a hug. Essentially, she’s not afraid to just be and display what she’s actually thinking, instead of remaining contained in the risk of losing face or embarrassing herself. And that’s the great thing about children—up until a certain age, they’re not afraid to show what they’re really thinking or wanting because they don’t know any different. I guess you could say that in some cases, this could be annoying, like maybe if a kid wants to beg for a snack all the time because they don’t any better but, I would argue that most of the time when this true emotion happens, it’s completely wonderful.

If you haven’t seen the moment on “The Ellen Show,” watch here. It will definitely brighten your day.

“What happened to Nicolas Cage?”

So yesterday we celebrated my dad’s birthday. Most of the time, our family gatherings will amount to close to 20 or 30 people, all in one house being very loud. To give you an idea, last Christmas we had around 25 people over at our house. My grandmother makes a huge Italian meal, we go through several bottles of wine, and we provide entertainment in the form of my dad, my Uncle, my sister and I singing “My Heart Will Go On” before playing an almost violent game of Catch Phrase. We turn around and have an equally huge party for New Year’s Eve, so by the time the spring months roll around, our family is a little tired. All that to say that yesterday, it was just my parents, my sister, my grandparents, my Uncle Matt, and the boyfriends.

It was an exciting day not only because it was my dad’s birthday, but also because it was Rahul’s first time really hanging out with the family. I think everyone had a good time, especially when we found out that A. my Uncle Matt’s middle name came from the gynecologist and B. Rahul told a story of when his name was mispronounced as Rachel, prompting everyone to call him Rachel for the next little while. But probably one of the funniest parts of the night was when my grandfather waited to get the attention of the entire table, saying he had a random and off-topic question to ask. I thought he was going to ask Rahul something, or bring up some more unknown information about our family’s history (which he likes to do every once and a while). But nope! He asked, “What happened to Nicolas Cage?”

Thankfully Rahul was there and could answer this question well (Cage didn’t pay his taxes for 12 years, and also just got into a physical altercation with his wife where he was arrested). He just had to answer the same question for his dad, so he was pretty versed in what to say. Plus we are big believers in always sharing something funny that you find, so we often swap funny Nic Cage things we find online. I am also currently trying to master the Nic Cage way of deducing things that he employs in “National Treasure,” especially considering I will be moving to the D.C. area in the fall and will probably have to help save the President’s life at some point.

But, besides the humor of the question, it has a valid point—What happened to Nicolas Cage? You could swap his name out for a number of people, celebrity or not. However, we often peg celebrities as those that believe they’re above all else, not having to do such things as paying taxes. It’s like some of them believe they are a superhuman group of people that don’t have to do the same things other humans do, such as paying taxes, staying faithful in a relationship, or any other myriad of human decency courtesies. But celebrities didn’t reach this mindset on their own—they were aided by the good ol’ help of the public audience who holds them in such high regards, believing they can do no wrong, or really are of a special type of people group.

Even though I’m totally obsessed with movies and TV shows and have a freakishly good memory when it comes to remembering the last movie an actor is when watching them in a different movie, I agree with my grandmother when she says she’s “tired of all the celebrity news coverage.” But, at the same time, you can’t help but wonder about actors like Nicolas Cage, especially when it comes to instances like this:

Here’s also a fantastic clip from SNL with Bradley Cooper and “Nicolas Cage.”